Zoe is the girl you have been dreaming of. She has big blue eyes and a cute smile. Every boy wants to date her and would do anything for her simply because of she is so nice, hot, and sexy. Did I tell you she is super smart, while still being gorgeous, pretty, and sweet? She is also very athletic, fit,and healthy. And the list goes on! She is very inisint but very sexy and can have a long lasting relationship. She can always make you laugh no matter what situation. She has tons of friends and every body looks up to her! She also has great parents that would do any thing for her. She is just such an amazing girl and no words can describe her. If you meet a Zoe you are very special! Make sure to ask her on a date because you'll have a great time with her.
Zoe is so awesome, I wish I could marry her.

Zoe has so many great features!
by awesomest girl January 05, 2014
A Z.O.E is a term given when an individual takes one word and changes it into another unrelated word
For Example -

Mal: "I do love you"
zoe: "so your saying im fat?"

In this example Zoe has pulled a "Z.O.E"
by banzaiman September 17, 2007
If you are lucky enough to meet a Zoë in your life you need to hold onto her tight!!

They at normally born in the winter months under the star sigh of Capricorn.

They are graced with dark blonde hair And bright blue eyes that can feel right through you.

They know when to have a laugh and when to act grow up and deal with a something. They are protective or nearly anyone they meet so hold onto her, she's a keeper.
Man 1: wow who's that?

Man 2: she's a Zoë, can't u tell?
by Djws December 14, 2013
Zoe's eyes have seen a lot of love they have never seen another woman like she had with colleen! She has a better rack than any bbq ribs ive ever eaten! Her giggle will make anyone happy and so will her infectious smile! You may hear her saying "YO!" quickly followed by "hablo espanol!" men and women alike fall for her over for her down-to-earth personality and perfect body. Zoes are very global and have traveled abroad AT LEAST twice. She has a huge heart, so she may be a teacher, like the zoe i know. She probably rocks a cute bohemian style, but she is known for breaking shoes. Basically, a zoe is not only a sex goddess but also the perfect best friend. Watch out for farts at the library though and look-a-likes who are probably twins. Itd be embarassing if you called this beauty by the wrong name . Her twin is also very magical.
Zoe's eyes are crying

Is that Zoe or Tasha? I can't tell because they're both so pretty!
by Ccbaby August 30, 2013
Blonde, Blue-eyed, looks like a stereotypical california girl, but hates stereotypes. Seems shy and awkward on first sight, and many people misunderstand her. Once you get to know her, she really values the people close to her, is always there for you, and can light up a room by walking into it. Desperately wants a boyfriend. No guy is smart enough to see the real her.
"So, I met this girl, she's really pretty, but she's really shy. A lot of people don't really like her, though."

"Oh, dude, that's Zoe! Get to know her and NEVER let her go! she's the life of the party!"
"You sure, man?"
"Yeah, I'm friends with her."
by IamApersonHere November 30, 2011
super intellegent and pretty.People are so incredibly in awe of her awesomeness. Guys love her and girls want to be her
Guy: Oh wow she's hot.
Other Guy: Ya she must be a Zoe.
by rita seeker November 14, 2014
(Verb) Throwing out backhanded peace signs whenever possible.
Yo, every time I get a snap from that girl she's Zoeing.
by cjh1 November 08, 2014

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