Zoe: a Greek name, Greek like the goddesses who were beautiful if you know what I'm getting at ;) a beautiful, pretty, gourgeous girl, who is fun to talk to and be around. Zoe is usually very cute aswell ;) She always has a lovely smile. She is an awesome girl, always has something to talk about and never dry, and is known to make up words (like Zoe'er, which means prettier). Zoe loves to be complimented, and it's very hard to come accross a girl like Zoe. Overall she is one of the nicest girls you can find, and you're one lucky fella if you do find her ;)
''Zoe you get Zoe'er everytime I see you;)''
by HeyZoeIt'sIain;) November 08, 2013
The Best Girl in the World! She is Beautiful, Amazing, Nice and Funny. She has amazing eyes, the best body and the best girl a guy could ever ask for. She is Amazing in every way!

Love You Zoe B <3
Zoe will become the most beautiful Zoe in the World :)
by Teddy_Blaghh August 08, 2012
A Zoe would be a girl who is very pretty, usually brown eyes and brown hair. She might be annoying at times: usually she speaks, not listens, or interrupts without meaning to, and she is quite popular, not hugely though, and she doesn't keep promises very well, but somehow, you still want to be her friend. She is a little braggish about her talent(s).
I'm still annoyed at Zoe for not keeping a promise, but I'm not going to look mad, because I want to be her friend.
by ureallydontknowme February 02, 2012
A Zoe is a great girl, the best friend anyone could ask for. Amazingly beautiful and funny, the only person you want to be with at all times of the day. A Zoe doesn't care what anyone thinks about her. Zoe's just want to have fun, breaking hearts as she goes.
You: Zoe is my best friend but I swear she doesn't care about anyone else.
Friend: Yeah man, she's a heart breaker.
by fallenfysh December 30, 2010
Zoe is that sorta unpopular girl with dazzling green eyes and wavy-ish brown, thick hair. All she wants is to be noticed by some other people than her friends. She really is a beautiful girl if you just let her show it. She absolutely loves it when girls she doesn't know too well talk to her. So give Zoe a chance and give her a simple compliment, or even better, have a fun, great convo with her- it will absolutely make her day better. Zoe's are short but have curves and all the right places. A true Zoe really knows how to cheer you up and make you laugh.
Random Girl: Hey Zoe! What's up?
(This is followed by a fun conversation)
Gosh, that Zoe knows how to make you laugh!
by Alison (the best name) September 30, 2011
The girl that every time you see her she pokes your stomach. lol
I saw Zoe today and she raped my stomach!!!!!!
by greenwhitered April 12, 2011
A Zoe is a gorgeous wonderful person! She is brilliant although she has her blonde moments. Usually long dirty blonde to brown hair and green or blue eyes. She is the life of the party when you get to know her. She is shy and quiet at first but once you break her shell you'll never want to not be around her. She is bright and happy almost always and if something is bothering her she'll let you know. She has an amazing style and is so original. She is kind and caring but also has an attitude like a bitch when needed. She is stubborn and strong. She sticks up for what she believes in and she doesn't let anyone push her out of the way. She is very artistic, she loves singing, dancing and acting. She is an amazing friend and once you have her as a friend cherish it because she doesn't like a lot of people. She fits in with almost everyone but piss her off once and you're on her shit list for life. She is an amazing girlfriend and although she'll make you work for her heart, it's completely worth it. She handles her emotions well but will most likely have trouble making up her mind. Be patient. Although she is strong and handles her emotions well, she will give up on you quickly and even when you think it's not hurting her, it is. It'll hurt you more though because by the next week she'll have moved on and you'll regret it. If you happen to catch her, work hard to not let her go. Just as much as she could make your life heaven on earth, she could make it hell too.
Zoe= Simply Amazing
by lovli ladi December 11, 2013
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