A Zoe is an amazing person. Usually a woman, who will clean for you but not cook, drink for you but not drive, and get mad at you when you're just being funny. A lovely, warm and caring human being, with so much to offer the world. Hard working, and considerate, sexy and fun-loving. Always comes round to an Alex's way of thinking....... eventually! Generally just an awesome person to be with, and a nice piece of ass while you're there! Quite obviously, there's never a dull moment around a Zoe!
by Alejandro the great 12345 February 07, 2010
The coolest girl you'll ever meet. shes spontanious and playful shes ticklish too!Her personality will make you fall in love with her and that's besides looks. She's an utterly gorgeous blue eyed, dirty blonde haired girl who is a blast. you can talk to her for hours with out getting bored or wanting to leave. she's insanely chill and has a great tatse in music. she plays guitar in the church band is so nice, your parents will love her. her body is insanely perfect, her ass will melt your eyes right off your face. she's pegged as a hipster and she is so original. she's the cutest thing since mini marshmallows.
Guy 1: who's that new girl?

Guy 2: that's Zoë. she's so chill, were gonna jam on the guitar after school. you wanna come?

Guy 1: yeah if she wears those yoga pants, damn!
by Captain Coal December 14, 2012
The best friend in the world. Is actually really smart, but can have some major dumb blonde moments, which are usually absolutely hilarious. Beatiful, all the guys want her, and sticks by her friends. She doesn't care what anybody thinks of her. She is a total hippie and doesn't try and hide it. Favorite colors are pink and lime green, will only ever wear green nail polish, and loves Bob Marley. An amazing singer and the bestest friend anyone could ever hope for. She's the nicest person you will ever meet, and she loves to talk to strangers, but not the creepy kinds. Her nickname is sometimes Zozo.
Wow, that person over there is a total Zoe, she's so pretty and nice and awesome.
by mandymanders55 December 07, 2010
ur best friend since kindergarten. she is so amazing. u love her so much. she will never let u down. she wont judged how much of a complete freak u r because ur a complete freak 2!!! u luv her 2!!!
geez i love zoe
by ummmmmmmmm poop May 04, 2010
A beautiful brunette with wavy hair, brown/hazel eyes, and tall. Loves to crack a joke, can be very sarcastic, can be dumb at times, loves horror and Japanese anime movies, and ABSOLUTELY LOVES coffee and hot chocolate. Name spelled as "Zoe", but pronounced "Zoey", and gets frustrated when people pronounce her name wrong as "Zo" and not "Zoey". Loves to sing but is embarrassed to sing in front of people, but loves to dance and is a very good dancer and not afraid to show it! Can be very sensitive. Is always there for a friend, and loves to have fun!
Person #1: Hey, did you see that girl at the party last night that stole the dance floor?

Person #2: Yeah, that was totally awesome! She is such a Zoe!
by SharingIsntCaringXD December 13, 2011
Zoe is a pretty girl who is super adorable and super sweet. She has brown hair and the most amazing green/gold eyes. She loves her friends dearly and treats them well which is why she makes so many friends when she meets new people. She learns from her mistakes and was not always so popular, or as super sweet as she is now. She has great style and great taste in music. She's creative, musical and a great actress.
Zoe is such a cutie
by noimnotastalker December 30, 2010
The most beautiful girl in the world. I cannot believe how beautiful she is. Zoe is the most caring, funniest, craziest girl ever. Theres absolutely no way that she cant be bested. If a guy can get his hands on her, he better keep her and treat her right...or else her best friend will come and beat him up.♥
Zoe...just plainly amazing.
by SillyMuffin♥ January 12, 2012
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