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An adorable girl who is short/bit sized with an amazing body. It's spelled Zoё and sounds like Zoey. Everyone loves her and she's really awkward. She has a nice ass and boobs for her age and is caring, sweet, and silly. Don't forget she has great tastes in music. She has a lot of friends and a lot of guy friends but only keeps a few close. She is a great girlfriend and once you hold her you will never wanna let go. Guys if you are friends with a Zoё like this falling for her will be a great decision and if you lead her on, her heart can be easily tricked so don't break Zoё's heart because she is easily broken. There's so many things I can put about a Zoe, she's hard not to resist.
Awww Zoe is super sweet.
Woah look at Zoe, lets go get a piece.
by Skateboardfreakkkk November 15, 2010
833 385
a brunette, brown eyed girl.
always hiped up, and live!
Always looking for some fun.
Did you see Zoe over there? She's one crazy girl.
by omgitszoe March 17, 2009
932 543
The most beautiful girl ever with the most amazing brunette hair, green/gray eyes, and has the loveliest smile. She is so kind and has the best unforgettable laugh that you will never forget. She is the best girlfriend you can ever ask for and is also the best cuddle buddy ever <3
I'm so lucky to have Zoe as my girlfriend.
by Arab$<3Zoe March 27, 2011
381 141
Fun person, drop dead gorgeous, usually a girl, very flirtatious, awesome personality, always there
friend: can i talk to you?

Zoe: sure you know im always here
by jamieannonyum January 09, 2011
190 83
A person of Haitian descent.

Origin: Miami, Florida.
Quit talking about your Little Haiti connections. Nigga, you don't even know a real Zoe!
by AC October 29, 2006
1039 932
A Zoe is an amazing person. Usually a woman, who will clean for you but not cook, drink for you but not drive, and get mad at you when you're just being funny. A lovely, warm and caring human being, with so much to offer the world. Hard working, and considerate, sexy and fun-loving. Always comes round to an Alex's way of thinking....... eventually! Generally just an awesome person to be with, and a nice piece of ass while you're there! Quite obviously, there's never a dull moment around a Zoe!
by Alejandro the great 12345 February 07, 2010
212 111
The coolest girl you'll ever meet. shes spontanious and playful shes ticklish too!Her personality will make you fall in love with her and that's besides looks. She's an utterly gorgeous blue eyed, dirty blonde haired girl who is a blast. you can talk to her for hours with out getting bored or wanting to leave. she's insanely chill and has a great tatse in music. she plays guitar in the church band is so nice, your parents will love her. her body is insanely perfect, her ass will melt your eyes right off your face. she's pegged as a hipster and she is so original. she's the cutest thing since mini marshmallows.
Guy 1: who's that new girl?

Guy 2: that's Zoë. she's so chill, were gonna jam on the guitar after school. you wanna come?

Guy 1: yeah if she wears those yoga pants, damn!
by Captain Coal December 14, 2012
119 25