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Zoe. Where do we begin with Zoe. Firstly she's unbelievably drop dead gorgeous. She is extremely good hearted and is really kind. She also is quite intelligent however she sometimes brags about how intelligent she actually is. Her most amazing feature is probably her smile and her hair with kind of blonde highlights on the end which is 100% natural. Her eyes are like doors. Once she allows you to come in you can see the key to her heart. Zoe either likes you or hates you and likes to be as social as possible. However she can be quite shy but once you get to know her you will have a blast. Also she is so hilarious. Zoe likes a variety of things but most importantly she loves her 5 babies in 1D. Zoe gets quite heart broken as she is very sensitive. She always wants to have a good relationship with others and always listens to their view points before judging. Most importantly Zoe want the well-being of her companion. Lastly, Zoe has traits that other girls would kill for. She has a great sense of style. She also has a fit body which is more that able to model. She is very artistic and talented which loads of creative viewpoints. Zoe is simply perfect. Everyone would die to have, meet, see, or befriend a Zoe. One rare stunning creature she is!
She's just Zoe.
Anyone who meets, dates, befriends a Zoe is so lucky.
by Mikey Twin February 17, 2013
15 3
Girls name. Originates from Greece, meaning life.
Zoe is a Greek name- it translates as 'life'
by lishlash April 06, 2006
2757 949
Zoe; The act of being grand, wonderful, perfect. Other related words are, cool awesome amazing.
Oh my god that is so zoe.
by kylejamyson June 17, 2009
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In Greek Zoe Means Life
In Japanese Zoe Means Uniquley Different
The Meaning Of The Name Zoe Are As Above
by fairie_Corpse June 09, 2009
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A great friend who is funny, kind and sensative. She knows how to have a laugh but also knows when to stop.=)
Friend: hey zoe can we talk?

Zoe: yeah sure i am here for you.

Friend: i know you are. =P
by an anonymous friend July 21, 2009
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A young astrophysicist who lives on a space wheel in the 21st century, a genius, with intelligence scores comparable to Doctor Who's, with a photographic memory, and somewhat like a human calculator.
Zoe is The Tip of The Mind jn Time and Space
by zapatoez February 04, 2010
1416 677
Zoe: (n) A shy creature at first. Uniquely beautiful, a Zoe remarkably difficult to come by, and those lucky enough to encounter one should be aware that this will likely be their only chance to do so.

-Outwards appearance is generally described as stunning, notable features include big brown eyes that seem to search the very depths of your soul, and a smile that will claim your heart forever. Once seen, the face of a Zoe is impossible to forget.

-A sense of humour is a defining trait of a Zoe, and is seemingly unique to this species. The Zoe seems to find ways to create laughter and good feeling where all else fails.

-Equally comfortable in large or small groups, the Zoe is extremely picky with company, but to said company is absolutely indespensible.

-A strong, self assured creature, the Zoe is never arrogant, but similarly has a sense of self worth and respect lacking in most other creatures.

-The Zoe has an ability with the words that is second to none, and can break even the toughest of exteriors.

-Genuine and forthright, the Zoe can always be trusted to be open and honest, to speak her mind tactfully but firmly, and it is noted that all others who come into contact with a Zoe seem thoroughly aware of her stance towards them.

-Incredibly loving, a Zoe is a creature that, once it finds a partner, forms a strong, passionate, caring relationship from which neither party will stray.
Zoe...she's like...Sabaton feeding you B&J's Half Baked
by PanzerBattalion November 18, 2010
1142 428
the cutest bit sized girl ever who is the best friend a girl could ask for- every guy wants to be with her and every girl wants to be her she is amazing.
Wow, that girl was amazing, she was such a Zoe.
by Smithson Jacobus January 18, 2009
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