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People who are from near the Hispanola, which is Dominicans and Haitians.
by Louda(P$K) July 06, 2009
Truly one in a million, a Zoe is exceptionally beautiful, with soft blond hair and blue eyes that will melt your heart. She is unbelievably talented, with artistic skills that never cease to amaze anyone lucky enough to see her work, and video gaming abilities that would put most any guy to shame. Her caring smile and warm heart are enough to cheer up even the most depressed individual, and her sense of humor will put a smile on anyone's face. Never afraid to speak her mind, a Zoe is honest, especially with the people she cares about. In a relationship, a Zoe is unbelievably loving and understanding. If you are lucky enough to date a Zoe, treat her right, because letting her go would be something you'd regret for the rest of your life.
I'm so glad Zoe is my best friend.
by Capnkirk September 13, 2014
Zoe is a beautiful, intelligent, person. She is the center of attention everywhere she goes and can capture your heart without even trying to do so. Zoe is perfection.
Zoe is so smart, I can't believe her amazing intelligence and beauty. She is destined for great things.
by Night.ER.Ninja July 28, 2014
A beautiful girl who is athletic, funny, cute, and you will awe at her beauty
Zoë is the best! I wish I was dating her
by MrMr.MarchyMarchy April 10, 2014
If you are lucky enough to meet a Zoë in your life you need to hold onto her tight!!

They at normally born in the winter months under the star sigh of Capricorn.

They are graced with dark blonde hair And bright blue eyes that can feel right through you.

They know when to have a laugh and when to act grow up and deal with a something. They are protective or nearly anyone they meet so hold onto her, she's a keeper.
Man 1: wow who's that?

Man 2: she's a Zoë, can't u tell?
by Djws December 14, 2013
Zoe's eyes have seen a lot of love they have never seen another woman like she had with colleen! She has a better rack than any bbq ribs ive ever eaten! Her giggle will make anyone happy and so will her infectious smile! You may hear her saying "YO!" quickly followed by "hablo espanol!" men and women alike fall for her over for her down-to-earth personality and perfect body. Zoes are very global and have traveled abroad AT LEAST twice. She has a huge heart, so she may be a teacher, like the zoe i know. She probably rocks a cute bohemian style, but she is known for breaking shoes. Basically, a zoe is not only a sex goddess but also the perfect best friend. Watch out for farts at the library though and look-a-likes who are probably twins. Itd be embarassing if you called this beauty by the wrong name . Her twin is also very magical.
Zoe's eyes are crying

Is that Zoe or Tasha? I can't tell because they're both so pretty!
by Ccbaby August 30, 2013
A girl named after a purple hippo, with a blue mohawk and sexual kisses. Who craves meatballs and potatoes on rare occasions.
"did you hear about that zoe girl, the one who eats potatoes on rare occasions?"
"yes ive heard about, she has sexual kisses"
"i know!"
by marrisa smith February 16, 2008
Zoe means "Life" in Greek and that's exactly what she is; life. Zoe is an out-there kind of girl with a sometimes dirty sense of humor, but can make anyone put a smile on their face. Zoe literally is the sight of beauty. Zoe usually has great style, but sometimes looks a bit messy when lazy. Zoes love to just sit around sometimes with a box of pizza, MarioCart, and her boyfriend to do a 1-on-1 and beat his ass. With her naturally wavy brunette hair and mahogany-hazel eyes, Zoe can make any boy melt within seconds. Even though Zoe might be a nerd and not get a boyfriend as fast as the popular girls, any boy would love to be with her because of her great ass, amazing features, and rockin' personality.
Guy 1: Woah who's that?
Guy 2: That's Zoe. She so damn hot. I really like her and want to ask her out.
Guy 1: *looks at Zoe's face, then ass* I can see why.


Girl 1: Zoe's new top is so cute today!
Girl 2: And isn't her hair so amazing?
Girl 1: I am so jealous of Zoe!
by Brunettebeauty September 01, 2014