People who are from near the Hispanola, which is Dominicans and Haitians.
by Louda(P$K) July 06, 2009
A Zoe is a gorgeous wonderful person! She is brilliant although she has her blonde moments. Usually long dirty blonde to brown hair and green or blue eyes. She is the life of the party when you get to know her. She is shy and quiet at first but once you break her shell you'll never want to not be around her. She is bright and happy almost always and if something is bothering her she'll let you know. She has an amazing style and is so original. She is kind and caring but also has an attitude like a bitch when needed. She is stubborn and strong. She sticks up for what she believes in and she doesn't let anyone push her out of the way. She is very artistic, she loves singing, dancing and acting. She is an amazing friend and once you have her as a friend cherish it because she doesn't like a lot of people. She fits in with almost everyone but piss her off once and you're on her shit list for life. She is an amazing girlfriend and although she'll make you work for her heart, it's completely worth it. She handles her emotions well but will most likely have trouble making up her mind. Be patient. Although she is strong and handles her emotions well, she will give up on you quickly and even when you think it's not hurting her, it is. It'll hurt you more though because by the next week she'll have moved on and you'll regret it. If you happen to catch her, work hard to not let her go. Just as much as she could make your life heaven on earth, she could make it hell too.
Zoe= Simply Amazing
by lovli ladi December 11, 2013
The best friend you could ever have. She is always there for you even if you don't know it. She is a GORGEOUS and beautiful person inside and out. She is stunning and all the guys want to be with her and all the girls want to be her. Once you have her don't let her go because you never know what you have until it is gone. She is the strongest person you will meet. Even on the hard days. She is wise beyond her years and is loved by everyone for her beautiful nature. I love you Fredosaurus xxx
Oh she is gorgeous. She must be a Zoe.
by mr. swankypants March 05, 2012
Zoe is a thick shawty. She is hilarious and sweet and friendly and everyone loves being around her. She tells it like it is so some people may think she is mean but really she is just honest and a boss. She is very different from other girls and the guys like her. She is always positive and likes getting others to be happy with her. Everyone loves Zoe!
"Oh there goes Zoe!"
"She is so great!"

"Look it's Zoe..."
"She is such a dime."
by ayyyeshecute June 28, 2013
is the most awesome person going.
Zoe Leaver
by DannyLovegrove November 22, 2011
Zoe is the girl you have been dreaming of. She has big blue eyes and a cute smile. Every boy wants to date her and would do anything for her simply because of she is so nice, hot, and sexy. Did I tell you she is super smart, while still being gorgeous, pretty, and sweet? She is also very athletic, fit,and healthy. And the list goes on! She is very inisint but very sexy and can have a long lasting relationship. She can always make you laugh no matter what situation. She has tons of friends and every body looks up to her! She also has great parents that would do any thing for her. She is just such an amazing girl and no words can describe her. If you meet a Zoe you are very special! Make sure to ask her on a date because you'll have a great time with her.
Zoe is so awesome, I wish I could marry her.

Zoe has so many great features!
by awesomest girl January 05, 2014
Blonde, Blue-eyed, looks like a stereotypical california girl, but hates stereotypes. Seems shy and awkward on first sight, and many people misunderstand her. Once you get to know her, she really values the people close to her, is always there for you, and can light up a room by walking into it. Desperately wants a boyfriend. No guy is smart enough to see the real her.
"So, I met this girl, she's really pretty, but she's really shy. A lot of people don't really like her, though."

"Oh, dude, that's Zoe! Get to know her and NEVER let her go! she's the life of the party!"
"You sure, man?"
"Yeah, I'm friends with her."
by IamApersonHere November 30, 2011
(Verb) Throwing out backhanded peace signs whenever possible.
Yo, every time I get a snap from that girl she's Zoeing.
by cjh1 November 08, 2014

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