People who are from near the Hispanola, which is Dominicans and Haitians.
by Louda(P$K) July 06, 2009
Zoe Is a very short, beastly, artistic girl who is capable of kicking any one's ass. A Zoe has super long pretty blonde hair, she's smart at time's, she is absolutely gorgeous, very funny, and most likely has an amazing boyfriend with a their first name starting with a 'J'. Zoe's have a great style and expensive taste. She also has very many good friends who love her bunches. She stays busy texting, loves spicy food, hates cats an dogs because they are messy an gross. Zoe's favorite color is pink and lime green, she also loves the print zebra. Has an attitude that she will use when necessary. Dislikes two faced hoes but loves her hoes. She is a California original. Has a potty mouth and loves "omg" That is a Zoe.
She is like a total Zoe!
Wow, she so cant pull of the Zoe.
by Mrs.Ah-mazing November 04, 2010
The most amazing girl you'll ever know, you could spend hours with her and not get bored. She's pretty handy with her hands too.
Man that Zoe is hot.
by zozoforever August 16, 2011
an extremely attractive libra with a nice booty. she is very good at dancing, all types.
"Wow that Zoe really is a Zoe."
by person person June 11, 2008
Zoe. Where do we begin with Zoe. Firstly she's unbelievably drop dead gorgeous. She is extremely good hearted and is really kind. She also is quite intelligent however she sometimes brags about how intelligent she actually is. Her most amazing feature is probably her smile and her hair with kind of blonde highlights on the end which is 100% natural. Her eyes are like doors. Once she allows you to come in you can see the key to her heart. Zoe either likes you or hates you and likes to be as social as possible. However she can be quite shy but once you get to know her you will have a blast. Also she is so hilarious. Zoe likes a variety of things but most importantly she loves her 5 babies in 1D. Zoe gets quite heart broken as she is very sensitive. She always wants to have a good relationship with others and always listens to their view points before judging. Most importantly Zoe want the well-being of her companion. Lastly, Zoe has traits that other girls would kill for. She has a great sense of style. She also has a fit body which is more that able to model. She is very artistic and talented which loads of creative viewpoints. Zoe is simply perfect. Everyone would die to have, meet, see, or befriend a Zoe. One rare stunning creature she is!
She's just Zoe.
Anyone who meets, dates, befriends a Zoe is so lucky.
by Mikey Twin February 17, 2013
A Zoe would be a girl who is very pretty, usually brown eyes and brown hair. She might be annoying at times: usually she speaks, not listens, or interrupts without meaning to, and she is quite popular, not hugely though, and she doesn't keep promises very well, but somehow, you still want to be her friend. She is a little braggish about her talent(s).
I'm still annoyed at Zoe for not keeping a promise, but I'm not going to look mad, because I want to be her friend.
by ureallydontknowme February 02, 2012
A Zoe has one of a kind curly hair that is brown, she has blue eyes, and a smile people are fond of. Zoe is so beautiful that her looks are intimidating. She is honest, funny, kind, trustworthy, athletic, wise, loving, lovable, and genius. Zoe is a procrastinator, stressed, sad-looking, always has something to do, and is emotional. Zoe has high ambitions and has a unique self-respect that many people lack. She has a lot of guy and girl friends. She loves her girl best friends and is IN love with her guy best friends(which is usually one or two). When Zoe falls in love she falls hard so don't break her heart. Overall, Zoe needed, envied, and amazing.
Zoe is so amazing she belongs in the Harry Potter series.

"That girl over there is perfect."
"Duh, she's Zoe."
by coldplayinglife October 30, 2011
A girl who is small and very cute and LOUD
Dang zoe you are so adorable <3
by Elmo28 October 28, 2011

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