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Used to describe a computer that has been compromised by a Hacker. Also refers to the Hacker who spends exorbitant amounts of time on the computer, resulting in a lack of sleep or contact with the outside world, making one look like a zombie. This definition is not for those who actually do meaningful work on their computers, but reserved for those "special" few who waste time and energy in a perpetual love affair with the internet and all that it has to offer such as: trying to learn from Porn, adding to UD, creeping on FB, and hacking to get free things/tests/answers.

Side effects include but not limited to: moodiness, hatred of the human race, multiple-extended-naps, mad-rush to complete late assignments, hunchback, and trollish outward appearance.

Tx: get off your computer, leave your shitty apartment, and get a Fucking Life ;)
A: Hey, is moo goo gai pan coming to the event?
B: No, he's a ZoMbHie and won't stop jacking off on his computer
by zoMbHieloveszoMbHie May 16, 2013
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