Zoes is a male name for a fucking amazing person. he is incredibly nice, and will never leave you as a friend. He treats his girlfriends amazingly, and isnt a player as most Greek boys of the name are. Normally has curly hair, and has a gigantic penis. as well as a gigantic last name.
God i love that Zoes kid...how can't you???

How mint is Zoes?

How cool is Zoes' name? it's like Zoe...but not Zoe! Cause, its Zoes!

God i want Zoes' cock so bad...
by foreigncheesecake123 March 30, 2011
A greeting or state of astonishment
Zo, that shit was fly yo
by Elton Vuong March 04, 2003
suffix for use with alot of words
by deexm July 10, 2003
another name for a black man, same as negro, spook, or nigger
"look at all those zo's at the chicken coop"
by a- slap July 22, 2008

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