An amazingly Jewish/Puerto Rican girl who loves jumping off cars and trees. Who usually is an vamparic albino who glitters in the sun like edward cullen durin the night and pukes blue vomit after sucking the pigments of your average person who eventually turns into a ginger. Zivis are rarely found in the U.S. only one zivi known to date... alive. Not to be confused with Zevi, the alter ego of Zivi. If you should ever find the Zivi, take it to your home and feed it random pieces of soda cans and tissue paper. Zivis can change shape, size, and has the the power of telekenisis on small lamps and farm animals. WARNING: Zivis bite and when bitten will turn you purple. will also trigger squirrels to have rabies and sound like birds to prevent communication.



idk but if feels like something bit me
by Zevi October 14, 2010
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Top Definition
A rare African creature which feeds off the flesh of young children to stay young. One bite is enough to kill, usually inflicted into the shoulder. Zivis are a purple color, but when angered have the ability to change colors.
OMG!! theres a dead child over there
But on the other hand that Zivi looks increadibly young.
by That Other White Chick November 03, 2010

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