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The best thing to happen to the universe since planets.
Zito is what it's all about.
by The rambunctious slippy tongue October 15, 2008
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1. The most awesome homeroom teacher ever. have an ex wife whos a slut.
4.To be so awesome, people worship you.
Dude, did you see that guy? Hes such a Zito.
by AdrianasaurusREXXX January 15, 2009
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Innocent guy who has been repeatdly cheated by his horny wife
Zito: "Will you go home now?"
Wife:"Dammit Zito, of course no, I must earn my money with our boss"
by Zito's friend January 18, 2005
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A falsification of the the truth. Something that just sounds so bizarre its got to be made up.
Person A: Dude, do you know why Van-Damme ain't one of the Expandables?'s cos he got ass wooped by Micky Rourke..kakow!

Person B: Wizzit?..your havin' a larf!

Person C: Ha! Get you facts straight you orange!.. it was Chuck Zito who beat him, not Rourke!

Person B: What a load of Zito!

Person A: Me bitches!
by maxplasma January 16, 2011
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Well hung teenagers who go to spring ford.

see: wordpimp/word
"evil_ash" "big lazer tron"
by egarhadfh March 28, 2003
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To Zito someone means to kick their ass. Comes from Chuck Zito, the guy who beat up Jean Claude Van Damme
He gave me an attitude so I Zitoed his ass.
by OnTheFly January 30, 2010
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someone who needs to realize that relationships are a good thing
person 1: "...dude, she sat on Zito's lap and asked him to go to the dance and he said no..."
person 2: "...wait he said no to a hot chick sitting on his lap?"
person 3: "...what the hell is wrong with that kid?"
by last chance October 02, 2004
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