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a female penguin, also used as a derogatory term. like bitch is a female dog and also a derogatory term.
Chris - "zitch!!"
Lindsey - "whats a zitch?"
Chris - "a female peguin"
Lindsey - "oh i get it. kinda like bitch"
Chris - "yeah!"
Lindsey - "like man she is such a Zitch!"
Chris - "you got it!"
by Lindsosaurusrex!! August 18, 2009
(noun) A painful feeling on the bottoms of your feet.
God, I've been walking around so long, that I've gotten a zitch.
by ARDYAYE November 16, 2008
The definition of a Zitch is generally used in terms of weak or inferior. A weak man or a foolish or weak move. If someone punches someone in the groin in a fight or cheats at a game those would be Zitch moves.

When talking about a weak man or frail man it would be considered a zitchboy.
by sam kinison September 06, 2010
1. Term you use when your ballz itch really badly and you gotta scratch them to hell. Also see Litch, kitch and sitch
I am sorry but I have major zitch right now and I gotta scratch it
by Itchy fuck October 05, 2004

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