the painful outcome while dryhumping: a bit of skin from the dick gets caught in the teeth of your zipper from the inside of the jeans.
i was going to go all the way but after i got zipper dick i was too sore to move.
by Jamsalot December 26, 2006
Top Definition
The area near your dick/VJ where your zipper bulges up usually when you sit down and makes it look like you have a HUGE erection. this is for both men and women but if your a woman and your not lady gaga nobody will think you actually have an erection so really only men have a problem with this.
man near you: "Dude, What the hell control your dick"
you: "dont worry man, its just my zipper dick"
by jelly fill'd July 03, 2010
when you pinch you dick in your zipper on you jeans, shorts, ect
by motoman97 August 17, 2008
When your pulling your trousers up and zip them up but a bit of foreskin off of your pecker gets caught in the zipper no surprise.
Doctor: What happened
Dude: I got zipper dick
Doctor: Thats never fun
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