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Zionism is nothing more than a national Jewish movement for the recreation of Israel, which biblically and historically is the birthplace of the Jewish people. It is a yearning for the return to zion, and for 2000 years after exile from the land it was a part of Jewish culture. It is rooted on principles of democracy and equality, practically the opposite of racism. Only 80% of Israel is Jewish, but the people there comprise nationalities from over 100 countries.
The main essence of Zionism bases itself on the ideal that the Jews will have a safe haven in Israel after constant persecution throughout the Middle Ages, and Holocaust. It grants immediate citizenship to Jews and non-Jewish family members, but is not racist because individuals who are not elgible for immediate citizenship are elgible under the regular procedures, very much like other countries. That is not racism.
The whole terminology of Zionism is racism is based on Russian and Arab U.N. resolutions. It was aimed at taking away Israel's political legitimacy. Even Kofi Annan called this resolution a "low point" in its corrupt purpose. Now in the U.N. this is being reintroduced due to propoganda implemented by the extremist left wing.
Zionists are individuals who support ethnic union as much as any liberal would.
by Moderate February 24, 2005
An advocate generally of the rights of indigenous people to live in and self-govern their native homelands - including but not exclusively referring to Jews and Israel.
Jews are native to Israel, Hindus to India, Muslims to the Arabian Peninsula, and indigenous tribes claim native status in many parts of the world. The right of indigenous people to live in and peacefully participate in self-government is a zionist ideal.
by Aron October 04, 2004
A Zionist is someone who believes in Zionism, the national liberation movement of the Jewish people. It is political movement based on the beliefs that:

· The Jews are a people.
· The Jewish people have the right to self-determination.
· The only land that the Jews and the world have ever viewed as the legitimate home of the Jewish
people is the land called Israel, or, by others, "Palestine."
A zionist believes that the Jewish people, or those of them who wish to, should undergo a national rebirth and
regeneration. The Jews have a right to become a nation like any other nation - a free people in
our own land.

A zionist believes the Jewish people have the right to realize their self-determination in the land of Israel.
by Gregor of Maine January 26, 2012
One who believes that God gave Israel to the people of Israel, including Jews who are from the Tribe of Judah.
God said that Israel is from the Mediterranean to the Euphrates River.
I am a zionist, and supporter of Israel.
by Mango April 09, 2005
A person who supports Jewish Nationalism.
They are zionists who stand behind the formation of Jewish Culture
by Joe Nath May 28, 2005
A Jew. Used interchangeably with as a way to avoid looking like an anti-Semite.
"I believe a dirty Zionist hand carried out this act." - Prof. Abd' al-Sabour Shahin, al-Azhar University, Cairo
by benjamin August 09, 2005
A racist individual who uses Judaism and his/her goal in supporting Israel as an excuse to occupy, control, and subdue an entire group of people. Zionists do not believe in the true teachings of Judaism, rather they abuse it much like Bin Laden abuses the Muslim religion. They believe the Jewish race is a superior race, and that every other race/people should serve them.
"Israel is a Zionist State, in which people of Jewish roots are privilaged over everyone else"
by David December 08, 2003