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Magical rays emanating from the hair of attractive Jewish women, with the ability to mesmerize Muslim men and render them sexually enslaved. Based on an Islamic justification of the need for the hijab, which covers women's hair so that it does not inflame the passions of men. Various imams have sermonized about "rays" from women's hair which needed to be avoided, and the notion was exaggerated by female bloggers for satirical purposes.
In their quest for world domination, Wahabbi clerics caution their male followers about the dangers of Zionist hair rays. Sexually repressed Saudis are considered particularly vulnerable. Imams are to be on the lookout for any man screaming: "Oy vey! I am sick of of staring at burqas night and day!"
#magical jew #jewalousy #jewbonic plague #jewish hotness #jewrific
by (I am) John Doe August 25, 2007
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