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A tasty snack comprised of a Zinger (usually chocolate) sandwiched between two Pringles (usually plain).
As in the Whyt Cheddah song "Illspot"... 'Grab a Pringle, grab a Zinger, make a Zingle. You know you're f****d up when your fingers tingle.'
#snacks #zinger #pringle #rap #quarry #camping
by Kold Flo September 09, 2008
1)A hit of marijuana through a one hitter device carved from a soft stone such as onyx or marble.
2)A very flow through hit of marijuana .
1)Hey, I'll trade you a Zingle for a chewy bar.
2)That zingle really knocked me on my ass.
#hit #toke #blast #groich #beasty beast
by Elem Oilem March 20, 2007
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