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A snowball with urine, pebbles, and dirt mixed in to it. It's first appearance was on Snow Days. This snowball was only a prototype in the movie where pee was mixed with snow. The Zinger later evolved to what it is today.
I totally slammed you with that Zinger and now you smell like piss and shit.
by Dr. Deejay Narnar January 13, 2011
4 11
1. A witty comment.
2. To make love to an electrical outlet.
I think captain pete is a little crusty from that last zinger.
by T-meister May 05, 2004
238 87
A quick comment, laden with import, that hits "close to the bone". Usually, but not always, witty.
A zinger! The boy got me with a zinger! From SCTV
by PALGOLAK October 14, 2008
67 33
A spike studded wasp enemy from Donkey Kong Country, Donkey Kong Country 2, and DK64.
Flight of the Zinger.
by Exor June 07, 2004
98 70
A catchy phrase used to accompany fortunate events.

Also seen in the t.v show Wizards of Waverly Place

A word used whenever something good happens. Zinger could be equivalent to YES!, Boo ya, fuck yeah, awesome, cool, etc.
Also similar to "Bazinga"

Usually used with over exaggerated expression with a hand motion. (legs apart, fist clenched arm "punches" downwards. (kind of like a fist pump, but aimed down)
example 1:hot girl: well, I've got to go, but you want my number?
boy: sure
-girl gives him her number, and leaves-

-boy turns around to his friends-

example 2:

Teacher: You were the only one to get perfect on your exam. Congratulations.

Student: ZINGER!

example 3:

hot girl buys you a drink

example 4:

Person you look up to: yo man, your crew neck is some dope shit man! swag

you: ZINGER!

Example 5:

4 strippers, a giraffe, and a clown are waiting for you upstairs!

by bboydesinity October 28, 2011
32 5
A finger slipped into the anus during oral sex to provide extra stimulation.
"I ate her pussy for at least an hour, but she didn't get off until I gave her a zinger."
by Tony Pavich December 03, 2005
107 105
to zing somebody, make a crude insult.
genevieve- that was a zinger
45 43
Derogatory slang term for Cajuns - people who live or lived in or around Louisiana. Etymology unknown, possibly related to the perception of loud, caustic behavior, similar to the use of zinger to describe verbal or written insults.
I think those damn zingers stole all my Heinken! AND my hot sauce!
by Gryph December 07, 2010
11 11