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Boston's version of 'jawn'. It's whatever. Typically used down in Dorchester, Jamaica Plain, Mattapan and Roxbury. Popular with crackheads.
'Shorty came through at the spot from Brockton aching for action. Had to give her the zinga bing!'

'You heading to the club tonight? Zinga bing! Come scoop me up.'

'Dre Robinson got that new zinga binga out right now. Getting mad play on the radio.'

Man 1: Yo. How much for the zinga bing?
Man 2: $250 for the o-ski.
Man 1: Zinga bing?
Man 1: Meet me on the corner of Waldeck and Geneva.
Man 2: Zinga bing!
by Cakefeast September 13, 2008
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