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Google for houses.
We can settle this bet right now. Just pull up the house on Zillow.
by RunnerGirl206 April 10, 2015
To search for your dream home even if you have no idea how you'll pay for it.
Zillowed some prime Beverly Hills properties. Now if I could just get Bradley Cooper to propose I'd be all set!
by PriusPrimo April 23, 2015
A website where you can buy or rent homes.
I just bought a nice $600,000 house from Zillow
by BaltimoreIsTheNewDetroit April 26, 2015
The site with every house imaginable.
Some of the houses on Zillow are ridiculous! Some dude in The Hamptons wants $1 million for a double-wide trailer.
by NeighborhoodPeacock May 14, 2015
A mofo who plays Warrock ( a crappy ass sad excuse of a first person shooter PC game) religiously.
Craezy: Zillow stop playing warrock you muderfager!
Zillow: No! i luvs it!
Craezy: i feel Sorry for you.
Zillow: I cant help it!, i'm addicted.
Craezy: Your hoomo.
by ironguns January 20, 2010
Suffication with a deadly pillow
Yeah, fer shizzle, I 'bout zillowed the bitch last night
by ta my brother October 17, 2006
To be wildly inaccurate.
I'm going to jail because my accountant went all zillow on my taxes and screwed me over.
by REguy101 June 01, 2012
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