a guy who is a loser. a complete moron who uses people to get what he wants
that guy is so ziggy
by Goddess March 16, 2004
ziggy is a person that always makes a complete asshole of himself, but is to stupid to realize it.
Uhhh why is Bobby O' Bob acting like such a ziggy today?
#stupid #self centered #asshole #selfish #annoying
by Bobby O' Bob November 25, 2006
i know people that smoke ziggy
by Anonymous October 27, 2003
a man who dosent know what he is but has a large moustache and thinks he good in bed
ziggy on blueyonder
by colly September 27, 2003
a person who tries to suck his own dick
chris nunziata aka dirty sanchez
by Marc January 23, 2005
see wee kev
by Dermott October 14, 2003
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