to run around while having sex with as many people as possible
im so tired. i just had a ziggy!
by jbobjboob September 17, 2009
term for cigarette
Yo, you got a ziggy?

I'm going to go smoke a ziggy.
by brickinthewall March 25, 2009
World's lamest comic strip. The high points may include Ziggy watching a glass of water, Ziggy opening his front door, and/or Ziggy driving his car.
Haha, Ziggy just sat in his chair. That's not funny.
by nation March 06, 2006
small little creature that is 3ft tall
a little person with a big nose
by tina August 11, 2004
the best ever!
david bowie is so ziggy!
by ericka kirchart May 20, 2003
-term meaning cool,awesome and gnarly.
"w00t! Dat new car is ZIGGAY!"
by TheWiggidy October 11, 2003
A word of greek origin,
Originally used as a verb describing how a man feels after jerking off.
"I am feeling kinda ziggy right now"
by Ben Gramatowski August 21, 2003

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