an adjective to describe something cool, exciting, and flashy
"that outfit is very ziggy"
by Ziggy Stardust January 31, 2004
the most BALLINEST shit ever!!
that ziggy makes my dookie twinkle
by TinYOface October 25, 2008
Spliff, Zoot, Joint, Cannabis Cigarette
Let's go into the garden and blaze that ziggy
by MegGus1 August 06, 2007
An ecstacy pill. Plural: ziggies.
Derrick bought a ziggy for the party next weekend.
by Steakfrites June 15, 2007
The greatest club/house party to be found in the world
Wednesday is ZIGGY'S NIGHT
by Bot_40 October 01, 2004
Sharing the first name with the best space martian who ever lived, anybody with this name is instantly better than you at video games.
"Hey Ziggy stop mic spamming"
by mdziggy February 16, 2009
A chubby sort of person, found most of the time within an area of Sitges. Warm and welcoming if you are of the same gender but nasty and cold towards the opposite. Takes a keen liking towards people of the same gender carrying a little weight.
I met a right Ziggy in Barcelona the other night
I met a right Homo in Barcelona the other night
by Monkey2Monkey September 28, 2010

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