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Ziggle or Ziggle-ing , the act of which one person says something which causes another person to start laughing uncontrollably and to start crying
Ex. - When I tell jokes I make all the girls ziggle.

- I tripped down the stairs and my friend started zinggle-ing at me
by asherann-marie May 04, 2010
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When rock climbing, to scale the wall using neither hand holds nor foot holds. To simply ascend the wall using pure will power and creative thinking. Growling or screaming is usually involved. Coordination is not required and may hinder the maneuver.
Go! Ziggle that wall! Wow, he just ziggled that wall. That wall just got zigged!
by Jesse Horton September 15, 2007
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when you let out a giggle that sounds like the one's Zoro makes (which consists of biting your tongue and letting out a somewhat high pitched giggle followed by a fit of laughter and accompanied with the phrase "Oh My Gaga")
omg so at that meeting i let out such a loud ziggle i had to walk away!
by b614osslady June 17, 2011
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