the opposite of zag
That drunk is zig zaggin all over the street... I hope he gets hit by a car.
by Lolay December 26, 2003
a cell phone.

definition originated from the actual owners of cell phones who would use them in public places. they are zigs. now their tool has come to be known as a zig.
let me borrow your zig, i need to call a cab.
by overlander May 30, 2005
A GCS created by Elig, similar to Megazeux and ZZT.
"I made a game in ZIG where you shoot lions"
by gofer-chan November 09, 2003
A replacement for the word 'thing'. First used in cult video game 'Zero Wing' and video 'All Your Base Are Belong To Us
L337 d00d: Capture every zig!
by Callum September 13, 2005
A form of music developed by Ryan Groene and the band Chromestial. It is also known as chaos rock. It includes double recording with many things playing at once, generating mass chaos. It is hardcore.
Did you hear Chromestial's new hit "My Agony"? It is a hardcore zig song.
by Ryan Groene January 29, 2005
Its a w00t word, its just on the streets and in games.
Soldat eins: Hallo Hans, ZIG!
Soldat zwei: Ach hallo Adolf, ZIG ZIG ZIG! (Puts right arm in the air)


Quick move (Move ZIG, Move ZIG)
by Gummy Boy May 09, 2006
A particularly cool and groovy thing. Defined during a particularly boring Graphics and Multimedia lecture at Glasgow Uni, which was NOT zig, at all, in any way. No really. Also defined in that lecture were: ziga and ziga-zigah
Hey man that is one zig hat your wearing.
This lecture is so unzig.
Last night Joe was at the new zig club, where he busted his ziga then went home with Sue and was ziga-zigahed.
by Pete T December 20, 2005

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