"The cam." As pronounced by people with a vaguely transylvanian accent
1. Do you zee zat device for changink rotory motion to horizontal motion? Zat is zicam.

2. Zi river through Cambridge is zicam.
#pronounce #cam #cambridge #camshaft #the
by robcraine September 29, 2005
Top Definition
A wonderfully potent DXM laden product from the fine people @ Matrixx Initiatives, Inc.
Zicam is OTC Psychadelic Liquor!
by drdave December 06, 2004
Psychedelic Boozed that tastes like satan's jizz.
*after drinking*

Damn that Zicam tasted like satan's jizz!
#dxm #dextromethorphan #robo #zicam #zimax
by DEXmonic May 06, 2007
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