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pronounced: zib-s

using brain waves to send thoughts of good fortune
Hey Marsha I'm sending good zibes to you for your practicum application!

It's only because I am superstitious that I send good zibes
by fishthemish February 19, 2010
Zibes (z-eye-bz) noun or verb. A one word description when greeting friends.

(2) Another word for goodbye.
friend 1 - Zibes!
friend 2 - Hey dude. Zibes.
by Delkman August 09, 2007
Being "in the zone" and being drunk at the same time.

Origin of the word: When someone drunkenly misspells "zone" while texting.

you can also use it as a verb: zibing
Karen: Where are you? It's midnight.
Evan: I'm in the zibe!
Karen: You should've told me, I wanted to go zibing tonight.
by franceandcmpny4536654 December 30, 2010
pronounced: zib-s

to send good thoughts even through spelling mistakes
I am thinking good zibes! Get well soon!
by Hildeisgenius February 19, 2010