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a Zhenya is a kind of violent animal that gets drunk very easily and then attacks every man in sight.
Mike: You have a Zhenya biting your leg

Ronan: Oh shit get it off! Get it off!
by MikeyJtheERASMUSman April 25, 2009
73 48
The Devil. He is the devil, a being that knows no light. His heart is a hole, abscent. Approach him with caution.
Look, its Zhenya, don't look at him.
by anonymous134 April 26, 2009
45 24
A Badger from Bashkortostan. Typically violent and hungry.
Zhenyas are very dangerous, especially during mating season.
by barsukan February 10, 2010
29 29
The Devil. She is the devil, a being that knows no light. Her heart is a hole, absent. Approach her with caution, she'll destroy you without a second glimpse or ounce of mercy.
Beware of Zhenya, shes wicked at heart.
by laxinnn43 January 13, 2014
1 3
1. An evil Slav, usually of Russian descent. Souless, vile, sociopathic, unremorseful, selfish being....and a drunk.

2. A man with mommy issues
Beware, that Zhenya is an unsightly man.
by I bet you'd like to know ;) December 31, 2010
17 28