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a Zhenya is a kind of violent animal that gets drunk very easily and then attacks every man in sight.
Mike: You have a Zhenya biting your leg

Ronan: Oh shit get it off! Get it off!
by MikeyJtheERASMUSman April 25, 2009
The Devil. He is the devil, a being that knows no light. His heart is a hole, abscent. Approach him with caution.
Look, its Zhenya, don't look at him.
by anonymous134 April 26, 2009
The Devil. She is the devil, a being that knows no light. Her heart is a hole, absent. Approach her with caution, she'll destroy you without a second glimpse or ounce of mercy.
Beware of Zhenya, shes wicked at heart.
by laxinnn43 January 13, 2014
A Badger from Bashkortostan. Typically violent and hungry.
Zhenyas are very dangerous, especially during mating season.
by barsukan February 10, 2010
1. An evil Slav, usually of Russian descent. Souless, vile, sociopathic, unremorseful, selfish being....and a drunk.

2. A man with mommy issues
Beware, that Zhenya is an unsightly man.
by I bet you'd like to know ;) December 31, 2010

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