Zheer is the name often given to a bearded arab god. A beard which slightly resembles that of Wolverines. They often have foot fetishes and dislike fat feet. They are loud and outgoing and smoke copius amounts of mairjuana.
Boy: Yo, check out that girl
Zheer: She has fat feet man, no fucking way.
by Creator of earth January 17, 2012
Top Definition
A Kurdish guy who greatly resembles Mario, or generally anyone with a fucking massive nose. Zheers are often about 5ft tall and run for the bus like a down-syndome with polio. Stay away from Zheers as they are known for unexpected docking with paralysing consequences.
Person 1 - "Oh look it's Zheer!"
Person 2 - "Stay away from that creep, dude."
by aemd June 03, 2016
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