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The god of the skies. In ancient times he ruled with an iron fist, and always argued with posiedon and hades. Today he still does pretty much the same thing except for the "iron fist"
Part he likes to read the newspaper in the lobby of the empire state building. He wears a suit and has stubble instead of his big beard like in ancient times. He owns a black BMW sedan 2012 and lives in upper new york in a large mansion.
Zeus is a greek god.
by Kevinmckevinface October 18, 2011
The all around perfect butt for a female
woah dude look at that zeus... wow man mad zeus alert.
by Au_glover13 April 07, 2011
Father of Apollo on Mount Olympus, don't fuck with me i'll shove a lightning bolt up your ass, ZEUS! GOT A PROBLEM WITH THAT!?

Die Hard With a Vengeance (aka 3)
I'm gonna go all out zeus on you bitch!

and Judas Priest rocks! FUCK ALL UR PUSSY RAP SHIT!
by NooDLES October 13, 2004
When you bang a girl so hard you get a shock from the friction, and an explosion occurs inside her. This is how the majority of women end up in wheelchairs.
You should of seen it. I Zeus the shit out of that girl last night. Then had to take her to the hospital.. she didn't make it.
by thekillertickler November 01, 2011
Zeus, lord of all greek gods; and all time chubbo. Zeus lay around eating cheeseburger and lightning fries. Zeus is also the gay pc hacker that has red spots on his ass and plants viruses in pc's while blowing his ass off with a monster case of diarhorea. Zues, is also the all time champion of thing thing.
Zeus: Hey hades!
Hades: WHAT?!
Zeus: Wanna play thing thing? I bet i can beat you.
Hades: Hmmmm, yeh sure.
Zeus: Actually, on second thoughts no. MY ASS IS ON FIRE!!!!
by OH GOD I NEED A CRAP! May 10, 2009
To have sex while your pubic hair is shaved in a lightning-bolt pattern, especially in a way that causes uncontrollable spasms upon thrusting.
My vag is sore; you shouldn't have zeused me so hard!
by TheSoftSkeleton April 27, 2008
Brand name of a type of butane canister, used to refill butane lighters...It has around eight different-colored nozzle tips included in the cap fer use in virtually all butane lighters...Found a niche in the teen gas huffing scene...The brown tip was the fi-ya!
Don't bogart that Zeus, my friend...Pass it over to me...
by Uncle Beasley April 03, 2006