describing something awesome or perfect
That game was friggin ZEUS!
by Coach Adams September 09, 2006
The god of the skies. In ancient times he ruled with an iron fist, and always argued with posiedon and hades. Today he still does pretty much the same thing except for the "iron fist"
Part he likes to read the newspaper in the lobby of the empire state building. He wears a suit and has stubble instead of his big beard like in ancient times. He owns a black BMW sedan 2012 and lives in upper new york in a large mansion.
Zeus is a greek god.
by Kevinmckevinface October 18, 2011
Equivalent to a victorious and powerful almighty "YES!"

God:"ZEUS!!!! (echoes) IM SO PROUD OF YOU SON!"
by Morgan Derp April 12, 2011
1. The thunder down under

2. Another name for your penis
ex. Zeus got a little excited when Gina walked on by.
by Rashaun June 09, 2005
1.) A male of any species that engages in sexual intercourse with otherwise inanimate objects and animals.

2.) A guy that will fuck anything.
Joe is such a zeus, just look at him go at with that dead possum!
by Anonymous November 03, 2003
Noun. zoos

A quick, sudden and unexplained sharp pain or cramp in the anus or general crotch area, like being hit with a mini bolt of lightening.
"Ow! I just got Zeus-ed!"
by Malverna July 09, 2014
A term used to describe something/someone overpowered as shit in a video game.
"God, this isn't even fair! Meta Knight is so Zeus!"
by ChibiAirMan April 02, 2013

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