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a concept, heretics refer to it as a "function", in mathematics. the meaning of life and the universe and all. zeta will show the limits of the human mind. god.
zeta(2)= sum of inverses of squares = pi^2/6.
by ianzinho September 16, 2006
Zeta is slang for "alien".
Bob Nickles: I don't believe in Zetas.

Johnny Doogoo: Just for saying that, the Zetas are going to abduct you.
by Kight of Cyndonia July 03, 2010
1) The greatest Gundam series ever

2) Zeta Gundam, a prototype Gundam capable of transforming into the Waverider to re-enter and fly in the atmosphere
1) While the original Gundam, and other other series like SEED and 08th MS Team were great, Zeta Gundam takes the cake.

2) That Zeta Gundam sure is powerful.
by RHS Student October 11, 2004
Puerto Rican slang for a Blunt.
Tengo una zeta de crippy.
I got a zeta filled with krippy.
by yerba buena August 05, 2010
A 'Zeta' is slang for:

1.A Babe

2.A Honey

3.A Sexy Chick

Basically any female who is 'Fine'

4.The name of a dog who is both faithful and loyal but has to make room for a 'Hot Female' i.e.'Get off the settee Zeta'
'Wow , this place is full of ZETAs'.

'Is this a ZETA walking towards us'.

'She's one hell of a ZETA'.

'Get off the settee ZETA'.

'Pack your bags Zeta,your off on holiday'.

by Atez November 20, 2006
1.An adjective used to describe a very humorous, cute, adorable, annoying, sexy, swag belieber.

2. A verb used to describe when doing or trying to be cool, humorous, cute, adorable, annoying, sexy, swag, belieber.

3. A noun that is God damn cool
1. Today Carla tried to be a "Zeta" but failed since she is so stupid and lame.

2. Carla still tried to do "Zeta" style but ended up with white hair and still lame.

3. Angelita is so Zeta.
by applepiecake October 22, 2011
Worse than beta. When someone is just so inadequate, so non alpha that they require a completely different greek letter to describe them properly.
Example 1

Guy 1: Did you see the beta bitch and the omega fega dome that guy in the face over there?
Guy 2: Yeah, zeta as fuck.

Example 2

by Dakotafiles October 29, 2012
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