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Zeta Phi Zeta Christian Fraternity and Sorority, Inc. was founded, April 11, 2001 under the X-STREAM TEENS Ministries in the City of Chicago. Which was under the vision of Rev. Willie Comer. Rev. Comer was a member of a local church in the city and operated as the Director of Youth Ministries. He understood that most of the Greek Organizations were developed on biblical principles but did not see that exemplified at the step shows.

Thus, Zeta Phi Zeta was born. In addition to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Fraternity and Sorority are ultimately responsible for challenging Greek Organizations to return to God through Campus Bible Studies and Christian Social Events. The purpose of Zeta Phi Zeta Inc, is to produce a Christian culture on college campuses that will encourage everyone to seek a true and right relationship with God. and unlike other Black Greek Orgs. Zeta Phi Zeta DOES NOT HAZE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES!
Zeta Phi Zeta is apart of the United Council of Christian Fraternities and Sororities (UCCFS)
by royalblesZing September 07, 2010
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