That person is a LOSER who is a shitty small fraternity at UTD. They suck pole and fuck fat chicks. Yes.. that is Kappa Sigma
"I grow weed in my ass and fuck fat chicks.. I'm a Kappa Sig"
by Fuck you cunts April 20, 2005
Top Definition
At Wash U. ZBT, they never run out of beer. The best beirut players in the school are brothers of this fine fraternity. Synonymous with "those sketchy badasses who live offcampus," they will one day bring the IFC to its knees.
Hey, have you seen those ZBT's? We want to go to their house and have an awesome time.

If I weren't such a gaping vagina, maybe I would have gotten a bid from ZBT.
by Aaron "Danger" Apple May 09, 2005
Those kids who just don't give a shit. Partying until 2am on the regular, the men of ZBT pillage the pussies of fine females and show the boys of SDSU how a fraternity is supposed to be run. Dont fuck with them, because last time someone did, we heard he no longer attends college. The gentlemen of ZBT stand for honor, we mean what we say, we do what has to be done.
Girl 1: Hey I'm getting hammered where should we party?!

Girl 2: Well you could go harder, or just hit up Zeta Beta Tau.
by Asian Tin Tin January 14, 2012
Children with rented brotherhood who desecrated the actual brotherhood of the Wounded Warriors April, 2015. While these men and women were losing limbs for freedom, Zeta Beta Tau was still trying to drunkedly lose their virginity, despite their UDT wanna be looking shorts, golf visors, and fishing shirts. This is a fraternity that has no problem burning a flag or two, spitting on the passersby legless Veteran, and harassing people who have seen so much horror they can barely sleep, all so Zeta Beta Tau can continue to act like they are somehow something special among a sea of lowlife pathetic pimple faced spoiled baby brats. Zeta Beta Tau stands for self-entitlement, self indulgence, immaturity, and everything wrong with our current generation of weak losers. Morbidly feeble minded garbage is the typical type of person to be found at Zeta Beta Tau, an institution who should be disbanded, and it's "brothers" dismembered.
I am from Zeta Beta Tau and was born with no dick or balls, so I have to harass Veterans that probably lost theirs to an IED to feel like I have at least an imaginary set.
by Orpheus_Lullaby April 24, 2015
Zeta Bagel Throwers, Z-B-Hebes, a nationally jewish fraternity who's largest chapter is the only non-jewish chapter, and at UTD.
First Guy: Hey, those ZB-Hebes are having a party tonight.
Second Guy: Let's go throw bagels at them.
by Cankles November 19, 2004
Pop your collar, gel your hair, these are the boys of Zeta Beta Tau. Since 1903 they have been jumping in on each others fights when one of them can't handle the job. You can find them at a local pub or social event crowded around an individual who is most likely too drunk to fight back. Rock on tough guys just remember not to mess up the hair!
Zeta Beta Tau: Lets go to the bar and jump someone!
Normal Human: Lets go to the bar and drink.
ZBT: Can I use your gel! If i can use your roids braaaa!
Normal Human: Gimme a hat. Peace
by Ashlee Simpsons Uncle Ralph November 13, 2006
Zero Between the Thighs. These girls are the biggest pussies. Talk about prejudice. They lost half their chapters when they said they wanted all chapters to be at least a majority Jewish.
Hey, lets go to a Zeta Beta Tau party. Oh wait, I don't have my Yammica.
by The Anti-Zeeb April 27, 2007
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