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A strong willed girl with a lot of attitude. She has her wits about her. She struggles with her emotions and sometimes can be overbearing. She's sassy and classy but knows when to get down and naughty. She can also be the motherly type; always wanting to protect the people closes to her. She's a stubborn and headstrong girl. She'll never let you see her cry and if she does that means she trusts you. If she trusts you and you break her trust though, there may be no chance you'll ever get it back. She's loyal and dependable; some one you can always count on. She may not be able to do everything on her own but she'll sure as hell will try. She'll always try something twice before she makes her final judgement. This girl is also a great secret keeper. If you tell her something, expect her to keep it quiet. She's a hopeless romantic and when she falls in love, she falls hard. When upset she can be cold and cruel but you can always cheer her up with her favorite things. This girl is someone you can trust with your life because you know she'll have you back even if you're wrong.
"Who's that?"
"Oh that's zerricka she's new here"
by Rainbow Glitter July 05, 2012
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