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also short for berzerk/crazy
Damn, I hate when people go zerk with shotguns
#zerk #kerz #erkz #ezrk #ezrkz #ekzer
by SSFred April 29, 2010
n. A portmanteau of zero and jerk. A zerk is the kickback that you get when you accelerate from rest or come to a complete stop while driving. A zerk can be strong or weak depending on your acceleration.

v. Zerking is the act of causing a zerk.
New drivers always zerk at stop signs.

I can't stand riding public transportation. If you're standing, you get thrown all over the place from all of the zerks.
#zero #jerk #physics #car #stopping
by SteelSch December 04, 2010
a graffiti term meaning awesome
That piece is zerkin
#zerk #graffiti #beastin #tight #aerosol
by masta decoy March 07, 2008
The futuristic form of the word crazy.
Used to describe something that was beyond crazy or insane. A shortcut from the word Berserk but just Zerk for short.
Damn fool, those bitches were hella zerk last night. One of them wouldnt get off my nuts not even for one minute.
#zerk #crazy #insane #mad #hectic
by RYRY714 March 06, 2011
Zerk in RuneScape language is translated to Jerk. It is used in the sentence:

Regular Version: I Jerk Off
RuneScape Version: I Zerk Off
What do you do on your spare time?

I Zerk Off.

What are you doing right now?

I'm Zerkin Off

What did you do yesterday?

I Zerked Off
#zerk #zerkin #zerked #zerkin off #zerked off #zerk off
by Exevien aka I Zerked Off January 29, 2010
To Suck the fart out of someone's asshole
Suzie had a big one comin, so I zerked her
#zerk #zerked #fart #fartsuck #mexican
by Dr. Evan "Bitches" McLovin August 21, 2007
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