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Zenan: also known as Zena Man, Jingles, Zenam and Loser is an adjective to describe the worst possible scenarios, situations, people and things occurring in everyday life.
Hahaha what a Zenan!
Go home Zenan!
OMG its Zenan!
Zenan did it!
Fark off Zenan!
by Nanez October 30, 2007
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To consistently, hopelessly and epically fail at something.
John: OMG wheres my wallet?!
Throws bag and stuff on the ground, while stressing over the complication of life and all its problems.
John: Great, i just did a zenan.

John: Hey Smith im outside number 82 where are u?
Smith: Its 28 u idiot!
John: Oh crap, i just did a zenan.
by NoMaNanez October 15, 2008

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