high pitch bad singer who can be nice or rude mostly rude and has a girls night wiff jenifer who can be a pain n the behind all the time a is late so her daghter gets mad h0mer simpson face (_8(|) haha mother >:) never mess wiff me
omg alysia look at jennifer n zelma callem big botty n mustard >:)
by mother >:))))) June 02, 2012
Top Definition
pretty girl with beautiful dimples. Likes music and loves Coronas. She is full of laughter and super funny. She can be loud at times due to her spanish heritage. She is part of a show called "Zel N Mel".
Can leave the house without a Zelma
by mzqt77 February 04, 2010
Something who is, or is acting like a pussy.
Mike Cring is a Zelma for deleting the facebook account we set up for him.
by SeanofAustria69 July 15, 2009
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