Bad haircut
Nice zeke Mike!!
by Mike Hunt December 12, 2003
Noun (Zeke Le-one) The fattest person in the world, who adores his Jew fro more than anything else in the world.
Synonyms: Fatty foo foo, Fat person, Fizz, Brixton, and Brick stone.
Zeke = fat.
by ihatezeke September 14, 2008
Zeke is a geek, a stoner a latenight video game playing loner.
Like dood! Zeke is a freakin geek!
by grass January 07, 2004
1)a man that is intimidated by smaller women.
2)a man who is really confused and makes lame excuses.
3)a man who likes to blame his shortcomings on "false pretenses".
1)Amy has her bluff in on that Zeke.
2)When he drinks he really turns into a Zeke.
3)He says he has a big dick when in reality he's just a Zeke.
by Amy and April August 27, 2008
lets be honest the definitions given above ^ are all the complete opposite of a zeke. In fact a zeke is a douche bag who is completely unaware of how much a loser he really is. Other words commonly used for known zekes are; douche bag, tool, kook, fag, mark, asshole, chode, that guy, and my favorite... Guido.
Your new boyfriend is such a fucking zeke I can't even stand being around him.
by Ur Evil Twin January 04, 2011
A fat, overweight, loser with three friends.
Usually has really gay braids put in his hair by his mum, and usually likes to talk alot of shit and eat a lot of asshole.
Man, that fat faggot with no friends is a total ZEKE
by AssWiper871 December 06, 2010
any stranger that is an odd looking mofo
Dude, did you see Zeke in the grcoery store? He comes in all the time.
by Anonymous September 28, 2003

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