someone of the paki decent who is extremely gangster, & is the best at rejecting boys. can also bust a mean move on the dance floor. possibly needs bouncers at her next big birthday bash to avoid brown party crashers.
girl: so yeah i deff. gave him the X, then went to a club.
aya: you are so zehra
by ZR Fan Club February 16, 2008
Top Definition
Can we PLEASE get a REAL definition of this name?

Zehra is name of Turkish origin meaning either a flower, bright, dawn, fair, radiant.
I know a handful of cool people named Zehra.
Just saying.
by Person (: September 29, 2010
Typically a very shy but beautiful girl, prefers being alone with a book. Around people she is comfortable with, she can be loud and energetic, but not often. She is often misunderstood and is very hard to understand. Beneath all that, she is a great person to go to for a talk.
"I need someone to talk to."
"Go to Zehra, she'll know what to do."
by harrystylesmylover April 14, 2013
As a person Zehra's tend to have large curly hair. Zehra's tend to be loud, perverted (in a girlish way), love to laugh and are smart. Zehra's also are amazing at dancing especially at the hips. Zehra's tend to own every color of jeans out there. There are a couple things wrong with Zehra's though, some tend to be very nervous around people who they think are good looking. Sometimes they can over obsess (rarely though only original Zehra's obsess). Through knowing lots of Zehra's I've noticed that in all their houses you may find at least, one varsity jacket, a pink flyod shirt, at least THREE beanies, 5 disney movies. Zehra's tend to also love to flirt with boys especially when they're blonde. Zehra's have tons of swag whether they know it or not. Zehra's soul mates tend to be someone with green or blue eyes and blonde hair. Zehra's love guys with personalities and who can laugh at their jokes. Smart guys are also important to Zehra's because they want someone who can help them get out of a crisis. Zehra's are the hardest people to find. They're basically the perfect person and they're the best people you could ever have as a friend.
Kid: Hey look its the new kid she kinda looks like a Zehra

Kid 2: Yeah with the big hair

Kid: We should go talk to her she seems quiet
*walks over*

Kid: Hey

Zehra: Hi.... (shy)

*30 minutes later*

All of them are laughing
by ZedMalik January 25, 2013
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