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zegers are a sector of the population above all other mortal beings
the males are extremely handsome, very funny, and deceptively strong and very very flirtatious
the females are also very flirtatious and unmeasurably beautiful
kate: he's so amazing and so good looking
laura: i wish he was mine
kate: back off that ones mine
laura: *sigh* i wish i had a zegers
by zegers May 27, 2006
A zeger is a tottal d-bag who doesn't know how to get any ass. even when it is handed to him on a silver platter he just throws it aside like a piece of shit. A zeger never knows what to do in his spair time so he jerks off all day
hey look there is zeger

yaaa he is jerkin off :S
by Ladys Man12345 April 04, 2011

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