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someone that is extremely successful and can do some unbelievable things. They learn extremely fast and holds universal knowledge. They are also very handsome and nice people but loves money and power.
girl: he is so selfish bt hot
girl2: ya hes a zeeshaan
by GingersRule! October 05, 2010
25 2
a complete boss.a badass.everybody loves him.hes just so amazing.
we all love zeeshaan
by 12345bt February 05, 2011
18 3
Some Wannabe Badass Who Tries To Be Known As A Playa But Always Fails Due To His Repulsive Body, Shitty Personality And Mahusssive Nose. Beware, He Will Try And Make You Touch His Chode Down The Park.
Zeeshaan: 'Hey guys!'
Everone Else: 'Piss off fag munch'
by HotBlonde. August 11, 2009
7 32