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A Zeem is a type of person who is usually between the ages of early teens to late twentys. This type of person is usually one who is more likely to stay inside of his room and be less social with the peers of his own age, and instead will feel more comfortable playing video games (like World of Warcraft and Burnout Revenge) and watching Japanese Animation (Like Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh!). Because of the fact that the stay indoors they will most likely be more self-concious of their physical appearance (e.g. poor dental quality, poor complexion) and so they will find it deifficult to mix with peers. And because of this, they will find a person/people of a younger age to make friends with.
Guy 1: What happened to Martin?
Guy 2: Oh he became a Zeem!
Guy 1: A what?
Guy 2: Basically he stays inside playing games and worrying about his appearance and breath.
by Trowa Barton February 26, 2008
Zeem is mobile application for converting YouTube videos to MP3 music files so you can listen to your favourite music on your phone anywhere. Also could be used as a verb. The app is available on Google Play market.
Q: Have you seen the new video of Daft Punk on YouTube?
A: Yeah, I even Zeem it so I can listen everywhere!
by AppZeem March 31, 2014
Zeem is the coolest you could ever hope to be. Better than Reem and total opposit of the Anti-Zeem
god... that guy is so zeem!
by kingofthezeem January 24, 2012
The sticky fluid released from the penis after ejacualtion.
I will zeem in your mouth
by Garrett January 01, 2005

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