A man with a heart of gold.
He is one of a kind, and anyone who meets him should consider themselves lucky.
"Zechariah is freakin' wonderful. I wish every boy I met was like him."
by Candle Lights February 06, 2010
Top Definition
The most amazing boy a girl could ever ask for.
He is absolutely perfect, even though he doesn't think so.
Extremely attractive, kind, caring, modest, loving, brave, crazy, smart, understanding...
He is loved by everyone.
"Did you see Zechariah today? He's really cool!"

"Dude, that girl Zeek likes is SO lucky..."
by Candle Lights February 06, 2010
A Hebrew name for boys, meaning "God Has Remembered."
God has remembered us and blessed us, so we will name our son Zechariah.
by Candle Lights February 06, 2010
The most beautiful boy you will ever meet, that you'll fall in love with at first sight, and then he'll break your heart but you'll love him with every last piece.

Amazing, the funniest guy, he may be a player but you can't help but think you'll be the one that make him quit the game because he's so special and perfect in every little way<3
"She is so lucky to have Zechariah"
"Yeah, he may have broken my heart but I wouldn't hesitate to take him back."
by Cupcakes95<3 June 01, 2012
A real man. He is a hairy sexy beast that occasionally takes it in the ass but mostly oral
Bradon: Last night zechariah took it from the whole group

Raider: I know I still have shit on my nuts
by bigcodmaster July 03, 2014
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