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Lies, deception, bullshit.

Derives from the practice of some UK pubs and restaurants to pass off tough Brazilian zebu meat as bargain-priced “British” steaks.
“Did you hear that story of Jeff’s? I didn’t believe a word of it.”

“Nor me. It was complete and utter zebu.”
by Hieronymous October 07, 2009
377 41
a bovine, camel like creature
thierry the mystical zebu
by Sharubu August 12, 2004
31 26
a craeture with a hump and a doolap
he he he tims a zebu
by see Balrog August 16, 2003
5 18
a mystical flying bovine native to mongolia relative of penguin
me and my girlfriend tried the zebu position last night
by nunyo bidness January 31, 2008
7 24