to stick your fingers into the butt crack of another in a credit card type motion.
My girlz ass was hanging out so I zebed it.
by tim1234 January 31, 2008
Top Definition
A guy who has the same powers as James Bond
wow isn't that zeb? i'd get on my knees for him any time
by Zeb September 18, 2003
Adjective meaning sexy or hot.
That guy is sooo zeb!
by afghanisrock October 09, 2005
(noun)Lebanese word meaning: Penis
Leb: Hey babe, come and sit on my zeb (n.)
Girl: I dont wanna sit on your zeb
Leb: C'mon ill jb on ur face
Girl: Piss off you Zeb (Adj.)
by <<< Sexy Alexy >>> January 03, 2005
Weed aka trees and any other form of marijuna
"yo kid u got some zeb"

"i just copped some zeb today from one of my niggaz"
by O'shane Dawkins September 08, 2008
to steal an object in a sketchy and predictable fashion. Made up locally after a sketchy kid named zeb who was always stealing peoples shit.
That asshole zebed my last beer.
by your mom is a cocksmooch July 23, 2006
see; JB
JB, stop calling yourself Zeb you numpty
by El February 11, 2004

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