(adj.) A describing word usually used in situations involving awesomeness and snazzy-ness
Oh my god, did you see what beck was wearing. Its so zazzy!
by Zazzypants October 17, 2011
To be or have a quality that people become jealous over
Karl: Check out that zazz. Wish i was that phat and tall.
by Karl Jin December 01, 2009
1.) Inspiration; motivation; reason for doing something; something President George W. Bush would never use in either his every-day speech or an official one.
1.) "Ok, osama, I have an idea, if we zazz up our followers and make them think that they'll get 70 virgins, we could probably get them to do what we want."
by Mike Kenyon December 08, 2005
1) The best drink in the world. 2) The greatest tasting beverage with zero calories. 3) The most economical drink in the universe.
1) Damm that Zazz is delicious.

2) I can afford a BMW cause I stopped buying coke and started buying Zazz.

3) That Mandarin Orange Zazz is the Zazz
by 1234 Bro Montana 5678 April 08, 2009
The essence of the new US television show, 'The Phone'.
"It's so obvious...This show is full of Zazz!"

by Chimp lady March 02, 2009
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