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A girl that is quiet at first but lights up when you get to know her. Gorgeous above all, espcially in a dress. She tends to enjoy the color black & wears it a lot. She is truly a fireball of fun. EXTREMELY SMART. Guys like her a lot, talking to her friends about her, but few have the guts to tell her how they feel. She can be REALLY spontaneous, always full of surprises. SA fun friend-flirt. She is the kind of friend that can push the "sexy" button until it breaks. Everyone should have a Zayra in their life. Her nicknames include Zebra, Z-Ra, zA-ra, etc.
Zayra! You look so pretty!
OMG, I don't believe Zayra did that, but 'm gald she did.
by APUSHson December 09, 2009
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