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Usually speaks Russian and is tan. Dazzlingly beautiful. Best sex partner you will ever have. skinny and nice breasts. very rare to find. big brown eyes and long hair. small hands and feet, but is between 56 and 60 inches tall. Zarina's are amazing dancers. nicest person you will ever meet. Most likely to become a model or famous. unlike any girl and one of a kind. all the boys want her and all the girls want to be her. Very popular and a social butterfly. sexy body and a lot of people look up to her. spunky, lively, and outgoing. the best, best friend you will ever have.
DAMMMMN. thats definitely a zarina!

man, zarina's are such sexy babes.
#perfect #popular #sexy #skinny #gorgeous #nice #babe #funny #hot #tits
by takeahintsillyiluvu December 26, 2011
A female with the most intense personality. A socially active individual, with sets of perpetual friends. She always finds something to talk about. (she can never stop talking... EVER). Most likely to end up famous.

"dammnnnnn, that girll isss the shittt.. ayy Zarinaaa come here, you cool."
#zarina #bitchy #gorgeous #famous #afghan
by razina October 28, 2008
usually dates boys with the letter b very pretty and usually russian. big but and big eyes. usually plays tennis
wowww thats definatly a zarina
#cute #fat #boris #sweet #nice #sexy
by rara111111 August 01, 2011
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