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Zarin or Zarine; is a kind-hearted and nice person. Usually putting others before her first and often underrestimating herself.

She has brownish/black hair and big bold dark eyes. Both loyal and trustworthy and corageous.

Can overthink sometimes making herself insecure but is infact strong and intelligent.

Shes not flawless but awkard with a cute smile and pretty hair making her perfect in her own way.

The name originates from persian, hindi & arabic meaning "gold" or "golden".
(Zarin is a down to earth person with an open mind and very rare. She is sometimes emotional or "filmy". Hard to find her but if you have, consider yourself lucky!)
by Kenalineee October 19, 2013
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* An amazing guy who can barely handle all the love he has to give.
* Serious computer gamer.
* Hasn't had the best life.
* Weird ass music taste.
* Has the prettiest eyes you will ever see on a guy.
* Funny & silly.
* Hates to hurt people.
* Doesn't really care what others think.
* Loyal as fuck.
* Put simply, Zarin. <3
I had a dream last night that I kissed a Zarin.
by Lalallalaa February 18, 2013
best fabric store in the WORLD. it is huge and my familly has gotten all of our fabrics from their for years. it has a gorgeous show room and huge warehouse upstairs
i go to zarin everyday for the best furniture and fabrics
by carole s. April 01, 2007

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